Frequently Asked Questions

What is Granite?

Granite is a type of igneous rock that is coarse and crystallizes in consistency. The rock consists primarily of quartz, mica, and feldspar. Sporadically some certain crystals are bigger than the groundmass. At one instance during its progress, it was dissolved like lava. Unlike lava, this melted stone never actually reached the surface and stays trapped within the Earth, where it cools and crystallizes. After it crystallizes, it looks like speckled stone that comes out in a wide array of colors. Granite usually originates in the continental plates within the Earth. Granite is enormous, solid and rough, and so its used as a construction stone.

What does your granite come from?

Our granite comes from all over. The United States, Africa, Europe and more.

Are there limits to your designs?

We all have creative minds here, there's really no limit. We can work with you to come up with any style look you have in mind.

Can I cut on my granite countertop?

Cutting on your granite will not harm it. Granite is a lot harder than your knife and will actually dull your blade more quickly.

Can I set hot pots and pans on the granite?

Granite is made from extreme heat and pressure beneath the Earth's crust. Setting your hot pot on it will not damage it in any way.

Wat do I use to clean granite?

Each type of granite is different. We would tell you how to clean your specific granite. Some granites also need to be waxed and cared for every year whereas some don't need to be waxed.

After we have decided to use your service, what's next?

We will schedule another house visit where we will finalize what you want done and take measurements again to make sure that everything is correct.

Why use granite?

Granite doesn't wear and tear easy. It can handle your everyday use in the kitchen and bathroom and can even survive the weather outside. It's molded from very high temps in the Earth's crust so it's tough. Also the patterns are very beautiful to look at. There is the options of tiles for your counter but they don't last as long and stay looking like new.

Can the granite break?

If it's hit hard enough, it can crack or chip, but it takes a lot. Your granite will be completely fine with your normal use.

In some granite samples, there are hole or pits, will that be on my granite?

Your granite is polished down so that it's smooth and shiny. There won't be any holes that you can feel, they just might look like holes after.