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You'll receive the best service and care for the granite that's going into your home. We'll help you pick out the perfect granite for your home.

At Michigan granite countertops we offer high quality granite at an affordable price. We fabricate and install all of the Michigan granite ourselves so you're not paying for high prices like you would at most chain stores. Cut out the middleman and save lots of money. Our countertops range anywhere from $25 to $70 depending on the size, thickness, and type of material you have for the granite.

Granite is your best countertop choice out there. Granite is much more dense than anything on the market and wont scratch. Granite keeps its shine over time and is very easy to maintain. Michigan granite countertops will also seal your counters after installation. And after you have made the choice to go with granite you will never look back for several reasons. Most people do not know this, but granite has been valued for hundreds of years for both its appearance and durability. But to truly understand how important a material granite is and can be for you, it is important to understand its properties.

No matter where you are going to use it, keep in mind that the durability factor and the fact that is is nearly maintenance free should get you to pay attention. We will not bore you with all of the details, but suffice it to say that granite has a very unique structure that gives it very special properties and its amazing look. It does not scratch and it will look the same ten years from now as it does when it is installed. What this means for you as the homeowner is that you won't have to worry about damaging it. Don't waste another minute putting up with what you have been living with. Call us and we can start discussing some great options that will make you smile for years to come.

Wall and floor

This is a Detroit Granite kitchen we did in Royal Oak Michigan. It was a large kitchen and featured an undermount sink and we also installed custom cabinets.


This is another kitchen we did. As you can see our granite countertops are top of the line and look phenomenal. We can do any style to fit your needs and style of kitchen.

More About Granite

There are some additional facts about this amazing material that we thought you might like to know. For one thing, because of the way granite forms with a variety of crystals, there are numerous colors that emanate in any particular situation. These crystals produce unique colors and visual qualities that can only be found in granite. The most common crystal found in granite is quartz. it is because of quartz that granite has many of its fine qualities like being resistant to impact, heat and daily wear. There is also an element by the name of mica which helps granite maintain its polished look. And there are also special crystals that exist in granite that give it that salt and pepper look. There are so many reasons to love granite and these are just a few of them. When you consider all of your options, you just can't beat its affordability, beauty and long lasting properties.

The aesthetic beauty that granite delivers to your bathroom or kitchen is off the charts. And while there is no doubt that granite has a rich beauty that just can't be matched, the fact that it is a natural product gives it a special appeal. And there are so many shades to work with, you should have no problem finding the shade that will work for your decor. There is something about having granite prominently displayed that creates a beautiful centerpiece to whatever room you are in. It also immediately takes the room to the next level in terms of quality. it is very resistant to stains when it is properly sealed. Our company are experts at sealing.

We realize that this decision needs to be carefully considered and so we are here to provide you with as many facts as we possibly can so that you can weigh the important factors. For one, if sustainability is important to you, you just can't beat granite. Your counter will last a lifetime and if environmental concerns are important to you, then you will be happy to know that it contains no harmful chemicals and it does not emit harmful radiation or gasses. Something else that is a huge positive is the fact that a granite countertop is very heat resistant. You will not find it to blister or melt. You will be able to place hot pans or other items directly on the surface and find that there is no harm done.

You will also find that very few things will be able to scratch your granite surface. And most importantly for any homeowner it is a very low maintenance surface. And it is very resistant to any type of chemicals. No matter what you try to use on it, you will not be able to harm the material. If you are worried about what a granite counter top will do for the value of your kitchen or bathroom or your home, you need not worry. You will experience nothing but appreciation and you can rest easy in knowing that what you are installing is adding great value to your home. And we haven't even mentioned how sanitary granite is. Bacterial contamination will not be or ever be a problem. Now, with all of these great attributes, how can you think of getting anything else. We promise you that you will not be disappointed when you see your new granite countertop and you are going to have years of enjoyment. We look forward to being a huge part of this great step you are taking. If you are in the market for Detroit Charter Bus Service giveour partners a shout!